Have you ever gotten a headshot back and thought, "that doesn't even look like me" or "is that really what I look like?" One of the best professional investments you can make is a great headshot. You pay a professional photographer so that they can get the right lighting, posing, and finishing work. So don't you think it's also important for you to invest in YOURSELF?
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Have an office event coming up? Want to bring in a great team building experience? 
Create a fun and fabulous work environment with
Perfect for teams of 3 - 300. We will create a customized tutorial for all of the women in your workforce. Empower your ceo's and owners with lessons on how to create a work appropriate look.
Break into groups to discuss self confidence, empowerment, and achieving the look you have been searching for. 
Have an artist walk you through 1 specific look and have a LIVE q&a for all the questions that you never actually get answered when you're at the beauty counter.