Have you ever gotten a headshot back and thought, "that doesn't even look like me" or "is that really what I look like?" One of the best professional investments you can make is a great headshot. You pay a professional photographer so that they can get the right lighting, posing, and finishing work. So don't you think it's also important for you to invest in YOURSELF
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Just you in the office or studio hair + makeup + lashes (optional) 


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Up to 5 of your top ladies and gents 

hair + makeup + lashes (optional) 

*Day drinking not included 




10 or more professionals getting hair + makeup + lashes + mens grooming



Have an office event coming up? Want to bring in a great team building experience? 
Create a fun and fabulous work environment with
Perfect for teams of 3 - 300. We will create a customized tutorial for all of the women in your workforce. Empower your ceo's and owners with lessons on how to create a work appropriate look.
Break into groups to discuss self confidence, empowerment, and achieving the look you have been searching for. 
Have an artist walk you through 1 specific look and have a LIVE q&a for all the questions that you never actually get answered when you're at the beauty counter.

3-10 ppl

Great for a small team who wants to do something new for team building. 

A live lunch and learn takes about 2 hrs and walks 1 volunteer through an entire makeup application. 

Our artists will answer any questions the group has during the tutorial. Ask about technique, products, application, or even what color looks best on you! 

This is the perfect way to spread some love in the office!

$50 pp

11-30 ppl

Up to 30 of your work ladies are going to gather around and enjoy learning a new skill! 

Curate your experience with a pre session consultation from one of our pro's. We will focus on one look decided by the organizer ahead of time. Perfect for Christmas or New Years party looks!

Everyone submits questions for the artist to answer during the tutorial. You will also have a 15 min open q&a afterwards!

This Live Tutorial usually lasts 2 hrs with q&a.

$40 pp

31-75 ppl

Get into the power of appearance with this deep dive into how women see themselves in the workforce. 

Our owner and lead artist comes into your office to not only show you how to use makeup effectively for camera, office, and personal use. She will also guide your women through self empowerment and reaching their inner potential. 

Raise moral and confidence of your staff with 45 min breakout groups focused on finding their best selves and putting it into their work. 

60 min tutorial 

45 min breakout session 

60 min keynote 

30 min live questions and answer 

$30 pp 

Have a team over 75 people? Get a custom quote!

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*Prices for weekdays Mon - Thur