Looking for a way to dress up your event? We have a few ideas that will help! Whether it's a corporate party, charity event, or bachelorette, our talented team can help you stand out. 

Braid Bar

A braid bar is exactly what it sounds like. We come with artists ready to braid the night away. You can choose to pay us per hour or we are set up to take payment there for services. Customization is available with braid names or specialty braids. Having a valentines party? All your braids can be love themed. Allow guests to choose from 1 of 3-5 options on a pamphlet with clear photos of their choices.

Lipstick Lounge

Add some color to your event! Lipstick Lounge's are fun for everyone. Products are available for purchase if you choose to allow them. Our artists bring a full rainbow of colors for everyone to try. We can choose something for you, or guests are welcome to find a color they think suits them. This is great for events where you don't want attendees to "have" to purchase something. The samples are free and only for sale if they choose to ask for it.

Mini Makeovers

Mini makeovers are fantastic for smaller groups or office parties. We will bring enough artists to makeover whoever you would like. These take about 45 min for each person. We will chat and answer questions while making the receiver feel pampered and vivacious. The best part is the reaction at the end! Handing them the mirror and seeing them love their new look! 

Lunch & Learn

Lunch and Learn - hair and mkeup for coorporate events
Enjoy the best lunch break you have ever had! We send a lead hair and makeup artist to your home or work for a two hour lesson. You can choose for us to simply answer common questions and do demos on each person. Or, choose one person for a makeover and we will show everyone our pro tips and tricks for the best makeup application for everyones skin type, texture and maturity. 
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