We offer 3 learning options for artists at all stages of their career.

6 hr
Airbrush Makeup w/ Model
Traditional Makeup w/ Model
Updos w/ Model
Business Mapping w/ Vision Plan
Packed full of skill building and product knowledge. This 6 hour hair or makeup lesson will focus on whichever you need the most. For this 1-1 lesson you will be able to choose to work on airbrush makeup, traditional makeup, updos, or business basics
Do you have a solid business but wish you had a plan for where to take it in the future? Lets work on it together and get you on track to make more money and serve more clients. 
Know how to do hair and makeup but wish you were a master at airbrush? Thats what we will work on. 
12 hr
Traditional Makeup 
Airbrush Makeup
3 Updos
2 Models
This two day course will walk you through all the tools you need to be successful in your bridal beauty business. 
You will have models to practice the techniques you are learning. 
Enjoy going back to your community and feeling the confidence of knowing you have pursued your passion and are working to better yourself, and the services you provide your clients. 
1 week
Airbrush & Traditional Makeup
Mastering Updos
Real Brides
Building Your Brand
Work 1-1 with Ashley for an entire week. Experience the Hello Lovely difference. Learn all of the trade skills needed to be the best in bridal beauty as well as the business savvy behind creating a lasting beauty business.
Work on real brides, commercial or runway work. Have an inside look into what running a bridal business is like. Ashley will answer questions about how to budget, what your pricing should be, how to market and advertise your skills for the highest return.