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Where Do You Get Wedding Day Ready?

You have so many options when it comes to wedding vendors; venues, photographers, bakers, florist. What about your choices when it comes to getting ready on wedding day? The options are still there, albeit much fewer in number.

Some of the most common options for getting ready on wedding morning include a hotel, your home, or the wedding venue. In recent years brides have also started renting air b n b's. Our personal favorite is the Bridal Studio (more on that later)! Each of these has advantages and disadvantages.

Our personal favorite is the Bridal Studio


- A convenient option for out of town brides with lots of family. They often allocate discounts for brides when booking a large number of rooms for your guests. This not only helps with your own personal room but also those of the ones you love.

- PRO TIP #1 - When booking your room ask if you can have a conference room "comped".

- PRO TIP #2 - Make sure that if you plan to stay in the hotel that night with your new hubby, that you book the same room both nights! This will keep you from having to pack all your things and check out before the wedding day begins.

- The drawback to a hotel room for the wedding morning, is the limited size for the number of people you are wanting to accommodate. If you have more than 3 people in the room along with 1-2 stylists, a bed, a desk, luggage and the other things that generally come with hotels. It can start to get crowded pretty quickly.

Your Home

- This is a great option if you are getting ready early in the morning. It is much more comfortable to have bridesmaids stay the night before so that you can all be there when services start. Plus mom's home cooking always helps before a big day!

- PRO TIP #3 - Pick a room that has the best light for the time of day that you will be getting ready. Go to target a few days before the wedding and grab a few cheap full length mirrors. Your stylists won't be able to carry these in on wedding day. But if you set it up ahead of time it will work great for getting everyone ready!

The bridal studio was created out of what we felt like was a need for the perfect mix of all these things.

The Venue

- You're getting married there. Why not get ready there?

- Not all bridal suites are created equal. When you choose your venue it feels like the bridal suite is a nice touch but there are a few things to keep in mind if you are actually going to get ready there on the morning of your wedding.

1) Lighting is KEY. You have to have the right temperature bulbs not just a ton of them. The color matters. Some are yellow some are blue. Making sure that the lighting is right will ensure that your makeup looks good in photos.

2) Size Matters. You will always have more people in there than you think, and they will always bring more stuff than you think they will. Make sure that its not just cute, you want it to be functional!


- Yes its all caps. Because it is our personal favorite! Shameless plug coming up.

- The bridal studio was created out of what we felt like was a need for the perfect mix of all these things.

- With 800 square feet in the Kansas City River Market ground level entrance and room enough for 35 people. It is (dare I say it) the perfect place to get wedding day ready!

20 ft of makeup counter with mirrors, and lighting galore.

- We have taken all the details from the suites that we have been in, both good and bad. To create the best of all of them for you!

- Photographers love our studio because of the blank canvas it creates for each bride. The white walls and furniture allow you to bring in your personal style and unique wedding details to create the template for your entire day!

- PRO TIP #4 - The studio allows you the freedom to bring in your own beverage and food. Make sure you bring a cooler filled with ice to get the party started!

Have other ideas about getting ready on wedding morning? Leave us a comment!

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