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Lovely Ladies Pricing


Your Party

The ultimate bridal experience on your wedding day! We bring the salon to you and your entourage. This package was made to pamper everyone you can think of! Moms, grandmas, attendants, bridesmaids and all your gal pals. Don't leave anyone out!


Every one of the 10 ladies will get hair, makeup and lashes.  


Enjoy your morning while being pampered like a queen and relax knowing that you will look better than ever before! This package saves you the hassle of having to arrange salon appointments for everyone you want around you on wedding day!


You might want to have a trial before wedding day. YAY lets make that happen. Trials are done at our Studio in the River Market. We block out an hour for each trial appointment so that you have plenty of time to share your vision and make changes. 

Trials are really helpful when you are unsure of what style you want for wedding day. Or maybe having a hard time deciding between one or two different looks. 

At The Studio we have hair extensions and bridal jewelry to try with your look. We keep them in stock so that you can actually purchase during your trial and see it in person! 

You want a few of your ladies to come with you? We have the space and want to meet all of your pals! 

Wedding Day

When wedding day is finally here your artist will arrive and get you picture perfect! We try to text you when they are on the way so you don't have to think about something else.

Our team will have already given you a timeframe to expect our team. So you will know when they plan to arrive and get you started. With as many ladies in your party as you have, this is crucial! We give you a 3 hr time block to expect services to be finished in. That way you can plan the rest of your day. We send you enough artists to finish 10+ ladies hair and makeup in this 3 hrs or less. Which could mean that you have 3-5 artists there for your wedding party! 

Sometimes there isn't enough room to get ready with that many people, which is one of the main reasons we created our STUDIO! It is "practically perfect in every way" for large parties, showers, and getting ready for wedding day. 

After the wedding you might want to stay in touch. WE LOVE THAT! Artists are requested many times after weddings because our brides will need things like: family photos, maternity photos, headshots, or sometimes just a good date night or girls day!

We genuinely love to connect with you through this process and want to build long term relationships with you and your family. Thank you for taking the time to consider us for your wedding day!


You might have an extra person or two that wants services. No problem! We can add those in as a-la-carte anytime. 

When you are a "Lovely Bride" you also get extra perks like DISCOUNTS

- on renting The Studio for getting ready

- engagement hair + makeup + lashes

- 1-1 classes (yes we do those)


10 Hair / 10 Makeup / 10 Lashes 


Trials 75 each

Discounted engagement hair/makeup/lashes


Discounted Studio rental

100 hr 2 hr minimum

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