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Hair & Makeup
On Location

At your home, hotel, or venue!



There are a few ways to plan this portion of your wedding day but we will break it down into a few easy to follow steps that will help make things smoother!
Check The Date

Visit our contact page and fill out the form. This will give us all the information we need to confirm our artists. 

Make Your Timeline

If you don't already have a timeline for the wedding day in mind, we can't wait any longer. These are details that go into your contract. They can be changed later, but it's more difficult on you and our staff. If you need help with a timeline WE DO THAT TOO!

Wedding timeline helpful tips

Book The Artist(s)

Locking in the date once you know your service numbers and timeline will be the easiest way to wedding plan. This allows you to schedule other vendors around certain time slots, have trials scheduled with YOUR artist (the one that is actually working your wedding) as well as checking something off the to do list! 

Schedule Trials & Events

You can absolutely schedule trials before selecting an artist or team. HOWEVER please hear me out. While you are waiting for the trial to happen, it is likely that your desired time or artist will book up. By locking in the date first, it allows you to schedule without pressure and move forward in the planning process. We promise that our team does absolutely everything to make you feel incredible and will take wonderful care of you. 

We understand that is a big trust ask and people have been burned by artists before. Take a minute to read why we are different.



Talented and committed artists. Our team is full of heart and soul. We truly love taking care of our brides and take pride in making sure that they look at feel incredible on wedding day.
This is not just a service, we come to serve you. 


A few things to think about when choosing a hair and makeup artist/team

Avoid scheduling a trial on a day that you have photos. What if you don't like the first try?

Have you checked with other vendors on your team to get their opinion about this artist?

Are you being realistic about the look you want to achieve? 

Have you included grandma, aunts, sisters and in laws in your headcount if you want them there?

Weather happens, are you making choices that will get you through to the end of the day? Or just the end of pictures?

How do you want to feel on wedding day? Totally GLAM, flawlessly natural, 100% classic?

Chat with our office about your details, timing, numbers, and what the next steps are for your booking. 


Schedule a

Our Work



Hello Lovely has been serving Kansas City for over a decade. Continually adding to the artistry team and being focused on bringing luxury level services to every bride. Many of our artists have been with the team for the majority of those years. We currently have about 15 artists that work regularly together. Having a solid team helps solve many of the problems that can occur with hair and makeup companies or individual artists. We avoid over booking by scheduling the proper amount of time, having artists on call for emergencies and having a good rotation to avoid burn out. All of our artists truly enjoy working together and serving our brides. There is nothing we love more than handing you the mirror and touching up those happy tears! 

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