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I don't know that I can nail down one favorite thing about Hello Lovely.

- Being able to work with incredible brides and see their absolute joy when they see themselves. 

- Building the best team in the midwest, filled with incredible talent, kind hearts, dedication and commitment. 

- Educating other artists and helping grow their makeup artistry skills, hair styling techniques, or business accomplishments. 

Celebrating our team and creating beautiful art with people has been a true gift and will forever be one of the most incredible gifts I have ever been able to experience. 

I wake up every day thankful for every bride and artist that has trusted me to help bring their vision to life. 

with Ashley 




Sue Royer

Event Coordinator 

My favorite part of working for Hello Lovely is being able to help stylists and brides. 

I love that we are focused on making everyone's day run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

I truly enjoy building relationships with brides and stylists over the days and hours that are spent checking details and talking about exactly how we can help their vision come to life. 

It is so sweet to watch it all come to fruition and know that you had a hand in making magic happen for such an amazing day in someone's life. 

Liz Miller

Hair & Makeup Artist

Liz has been a staple of Hello Lovely for over 5 years. Her dedication to clients, and the team is incredible. This is surely going to jinx it, but she has never called in sick!


My favorite part of working for Hello Lovely is - "Challenging myself to be the best artist I can possibly be!"

Natalie Seuell 

Hair & Makeup Artist

Natalie started as a curl girl working by Ashley's side and is one of Ashley's very first trainees to graduate and be a full time artist with the team. 

My favorite part of working for Hello Lovely is -  "making people feel their best and most beautiful - and the team that I get to work with 💕"

Makeup Artist

Jordan Dankenbring 

Jordan has been a freelance artist for over 10 years. Working with TwoFaced, MAC, and other name brands. She travels the country bringing glam to everyone she can!


My favorite part of working for Hello Lovely is - "The energy we all bring to our work. Everyone loves what they do!"

Hair & Makeup Artist

Sam Sambo

Sam was actually a bridesmaid in a wedding that Ashley was working! With a background in social work, her heart is larger than life. 

My favorite part of working for Hello Lovely is - "Having so much support and encouragement from other women who have become like my sisters and aunties!"

Hair & Makeup Artist

Bekah Zitron

Bekah was previously a middle school art teacher. Her eye for color and ability to be the calm in the storm make wedding day artistry a perfect fit for her!


My favorite part of working for Hello Lovely is - "Growing as an artist and all the training that we do in the studio to learn and grow as a team."

Shannon Hughey

Hair & Makeup Artist

Shannon is the world traveler! Her client list started in Hollywood and has taken her to places we all envy. With over 30 years in the beauty industry she is #goals

My favorite part of working for Hello Lovely is - "Knowing that we are working with the best! Not only the team but the clients too!"

Hair Stylist

Tamara Lee

Tamara has been awarded (literally) our Hair Wizard. Her ability to create intricate and lasting styles in under 30 minutes is captivating. 


My favorite part of working for Hello Lovely is - "working with the team!"

Madilyn Knipker

If you have ever been in a room with Madilyn, you were laughing. She is our bright and shining ray of sunshine. Always armed with a smile and quick wit. 

My favorite part of working for Hello Lovely is - "How many truly amazing people I get to meet, while having the opportunity to express myself in a creative outlet. "

Hair Stylist 

Hair & Makeup Artist

Braylee Davis

Braylee is a hard worker and loves making clients feel amazing. She works in the salon blending blondes as well as on weddings. 


My favorite part of working for Hello Lovely is - "Learning new skills and working with such wonderful people!"



Hello Lovely is a small business run by women, serving and empowering women, both as clients and as stylists. Behind it all we are wives, sisters, mothers, and daughters of the one true king. 

We truly love getting to connect with you on wedding day and strive to build lasting relationships that you can count on for any occasion. 

Thank you for being beautifully and wonderfully made. 

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