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01 booking

- How far in advance should I book my wedding date?
As soon as possible is the honest answer. We take bookings up to two years in advance and sometimes more with destination weddings. So the sooner you can let us know the sooner we will be able to guarantee your spot on our calendar.
- Who do I contact to get my wedding booked?
 You will talk to Jennifer, our amazing, talented, super duper awesome event coordinator! or 816.200.2406.
- What happens if the number of people I need services for changes?
No biggie! This is usually something we can take care of easily, but it will depend on the services you are wanting and the availability of our stylists. We fill our calendar on a first come first serve basis, so the sooner you can solidify your counts the better.

02 trials

- Do I need a trial?
We don't require that you do a trial but most brides prefer to have one. It gives you an opportunity to share with your stylist exactly what you're looking for, to get some inside tips on things that will make your hair and skin perfect for the day of, and best of all to spend some time just getting to know each other before the big day.
- Where do I go for my trial?
Trials are at the Hello Lovely Studio at 416 E Third St, KCMO in the Rivermarket. We also offer on-location trials for our brides. We will come to your home, hotel, or even the office.
- How do I schedule my trial?
-What do I bring to the trial?
You will want to bring any accessories that you are considering using on your wedding day except veils. You may bring your veil if you'd like but we recommend you leave it at home to ensure that it stays crisp and clean. Oh and pictures! But not the ones you might think. We want to see pictures of your wedding, the dress, flowers, bridesmaids gowns, and 1 or 2 of yourself at a time when you felt your most beautiful.

03 wedding

- How do I get ready for the wedding day? 
We are going to make you look absolutely stunning.
All you need to do is:
1 - Have freshly cleaned & dry hair (day of or night before is best). 
2 - Don't leave any makeup residue behind from the rehearsal. 
3 - Be on time. We can cover those dark circles from the night before, but we can't help you if everyone in your party oversleeps and doesn't leave us enough time to work our magic!
- What services do I need to plan for before the wedding?
Before the wedding you will need to make sure that you are following our bridal beauty bootcamp! The timeline and checklist will help you remember all the little details that go into making you look and feel your best! You will be able to get all of these services with the same quality and service at our Hello Lovely Salon

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