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What sets Hello Lovely Apart?

One of the questions that we had in the office today was "What makes you different from any of the other hair and makeup companies in town?"

This is seriously a valid question and one that as a consumer I would want to ask too. So I thought this would be a great opportunity for an explanation of what you are paying for when you hire Hello Lovely.

Customer Service

- We have a dedicated coordinator in our office 5 days a week. She is there to answer questions, respond quickly, and help communicate with your other vendors.

- We have a heart. Seriously. As a small business we are committed to helping other small business and giving back to our local causes.

- Our entire team is committed to making your experience wonderful. From your very first email, to your trial and all the way through wedding day.


- Our artists take continuing education throughout the year to expand their skills. We travel to different parts of the country to take classes from other pros from around the world.

- The office staff takes courses on effective communication and better ways to automate the process so that it is all seamless and easy for you.

- Apprentices are put through an entire year of training before serving brides on their own.

The Studio

- You want a luxury experience in a luxury space. We have it.

- Our studio was specifically designed and imagined for brides who are wanting something special on wedding day.


- Dress codes so that your professional photos don't catch us in leopard print (directly clashing with your beautifully planned decor and dresses). Yes this is a thing and we are serious about how our artists dress. We wear all black with no patterns. This keeps us in the background and you the focal point.

- Ensuring that everyone loves their look. Before leaving we ask and double ask everyone to make sure that there are no changes that need to be made.


- In the office we have a specific equation to ensure that we schedule the right number of artists for all the services you need.

- Artist arrive on time. You might think this is a given, but to some artists this is not a priority.

- 3 hr rule. All of your services will be finished within 3 hrs or less. We schedule enough artists to make that happen!


- Using MAC products in most of our kits is helpful because it creates continuity between all of our kits.

- Artists also take product knowledge courses at MAC in order to know how each product works best for each type of skin and client preference.

There are so many factors when you choose your hair and makeup artist. We know that you have lots of choices and we are truly honored to be part of the ones you consider. If you have any additional questions we would love to answer them!

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1 Comment

Myranda Williams
Myranda Williams
Aug 27, 2020

I am incredibly excited to see you gals again and for you to do hair and make up for my bridesmaids and I!! We have an early start all together but it's going to be totally worth it!! I can't wait <3

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