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Hair & Makeup Timeline

How are you supposed to know the right amount of time to leave for your hair and makeup services? You've never done this before (or maybe you have). Don't worry bride we are here to help.

First thing to do is ask your stylist how long they take for each service. This should be an easy question for them to answer. Just like at the salon each artist will have a set time for their hair or makeup session for each client.

Once you know their timing it is pretty easy to do the math. Service time X number of services = Time for one artist

Next question you need to ask is how many stylists they will be assigning to your wedding. Knowing how many stylists are coming will allow you to divide the Time for one artist by how many are coming. Then you know a good estimate for how long to block out in your day.

A good rule of thumb would be to add an extra 30 minute over what your math says or the stylist says. This will allow you to not feel rushed if you have any last minute changes or tweaks to the style or makeup look.


Keep in mind these things when scheduling around hair and makeup and the rest of your day.

- Eating (lunch, breakfast, snacks, mimosas)

- Bathroom trips

- Getting in and out of getting ready location (if you are getting ready at your venue then this one is not a big deal)

- Traffic and how long it takes for parking

- Bridesmaids who are nursing (do they have a location to pump or nurse, will it overlap with the appointment time)

- Photos!!! What time does your photographer want to start pictures


There are so many aspects to make the perfect wedding day run smooth. If you feel overwhelmed ask your vendors for help! We have helped with more timelines than you would possibly imagine. Feeling like your ready to throw in the towel? Call a wedding planner! We have tons of recommendations or the best planners in Kansas City!

As always, we hope that this helps you on your planning journey!

With Love, Ashley

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