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5 Things To Ask At A Wedding Hair Trial

You are ready to have your hair trial with your stylist. YAY! Whether it's with a bridal artist or your regular hairdresser, here are 5 things to be sure and ask when you are sitting in the chair.

1 - How much time do you allow for each service?

This question is super important (seriously, important enough to put at the top spot).

Some stylists schedule every 45 min, every 1 hr, or some are quick enough to do every 30 min (cough cough, us. We do that). The scheduling is important because if you know how long they block out for each service, it will allow you to know how long to block in your main wedding day schedule. If you have your trial with an artist and she says it will take 45 min per service, you have 10 ladies, and she doesn't plan to have another stylist come with her....that means you will be "getting ready" for 7.5 hrs. No one wants that.

2 - What is your backup plan?

Honestly this could be number one question. But I put it here so we are going with it. Really press for an answer on this one. What happens if an artist calls in sick? What happens if there is a car accident? You have seen the posts on swap shop "MUA Canceled need HELP!" Don't be that bride. Don't put yourself through that. Check with your stylist. Does she have a pall that is on standby? Does she leave a gap in the schedule for travel?

Shameless Plug - At Hello Lovely we have a LARGE team so there is the ability to schedule another artist from our same group. As of 2021 we are creating a standby team. An artist who is on call for any emergency on Friday's and Saturday's. They will be able to do both hair and makeup should something happen.

3 - Will it actually be you on wedding day?

It happens. You would think that it's common sense to have the same stylist scheduled for your trial as is scheduled for your wedding day. But it does happen that companies will send different stylists and your trial is with "the company" not a specific artist. Protect yourself and ask this before you put down a deposit or sign anything.

P.S. At Hello Lovely we always schedule you with the same artist for a trial as we do for your wedding day hair service.

P.P.S. Sometimes people get pregnant, change careers, move, or have emergencies. So we always offer trials with another artist at no cost to you if there is time.

4 - Do you place the veil?

This is no deal breaker. Just something good to know. If they plan to stay and place your veil then you need to ask yourself. "How long do I really want to wear it?" Some brides want to wear it alllll day long ( So it's no biggie to have your stylist put it in right when she finishes and is ready to head out.

However if you only want to wear it for the ceremony then make sure you ask if your stylist will teach/show one of your maids what to do to put it in AND take it out.

Don't forget that you can always assign this task to your wedding coordinator. They have done this way more than you think and are there to help!

5 - Do you like each other?

Less of a question to ask your stylist directly, but something to certainly ask yourself. I mean.... you could ask directly. Might be an interesting conversation.

Anyway, make sure that your personalities go well together. You want to feel comfortable to ask for changes or additions. Or for them to take it down and try again. Seriously it's your wedding day and you are paying for a service. If you have picked a pro stylist this won't be offensive. Just keep time in mind. They only scheduled a certain amount for the trial. You might have to come back for another trail at a different time.

YOU DID IT! You are now equipped with 5 great questions for your hair trial. There are so many wonderful artists and stylists to choose from. Pick one that makes you feel like the best hair day of your life.

Do you have more questions about Hello Lovely and our amazing team? Visit our contact page to get ahold of us! We would genuinely love to pamper and serve you on wedding day.

xoxo AB

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