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3 Hair Accessories for your Wedding Day Look

Are you looking to add a little extra touch of sparkle or detail to your wedding look but not sure how? Hair accessories are the perfect thing! There are so many options that can compliment any hair style, so follow along as we outline our favorites.



One of the most versatile accessory options is a hair vine. These typically come in long strands, which can look intimidating at first. However, these can be cut down to a custom size or shape, which creates a unique look for each hair style. They look beautiful in up-dos, half-ups, or Boho style braids or fishtails.

Pro tip: Give a heads up to your artist at your trial so they can allot for extra time to cut and place the vine on wedding day.


Pins are the most popular hair accessory option you will see. They typically come on individual french pins in groupings of 3, 5, or more. They are another great option for being totally customizable and unique to your specific hair look. They also come in a variety of styles, including silver or gold pieces, crystals, or pearls.

Pro tip: Stick to the rule of odds- try to place pins in a group or stack of 1,3, or 5 which tends to be more flattering to the eye.


Clips are the easiest choice because it takes away the difficulty of cutting things, or making sure each individual piece is balanced throughout the hairstyle. They typically come in a barrette type clip, or on a comb similar to a veil. They can be easily added or removed, so it's great for the bride that wants to add an accessory after she removes her veil.

Pro tip: Take hints from your dress or other pieces of jewelry (earrings, necklace) to decide what color metal or style clip you choose.

Real Flowers

Some brides work with their florist to create a beautiful hair piece that matches the overall floral vision. Because flowers are more fragile, these can be a little more difficult to place in the hair and take more time. Notify your artist in advance so she has plenty of time to perfect your floral hair piece!

Hello Lovely offers an array of hair accessories in studio, and we always recommend bringing along your jewelry and veil to your trial.

xx Hello Lovely

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