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Wedding Day Skincare Prep

Ever head the phrase "Summer bodies are made in the winter?" Well the same applies to your wedding skin!

If your goal is to have a beautiful glowing makeup look for wedding day, the prep doesn't start one week before your big day. Cultivate good habits throughout your planning process to ensure that on your wedding day look has the best results possible.

Why is it important?

Texture affects the way makeup lays on the canvas (your skin), and how it will wear throughout the day. Texture in your skin can look like large pores, fine lines, dryness, hair, and unwanted conditions. Knowing what your natural skin texture is can help your artist to choose products that will conceal these, or to recommend prep to combat some of these before your wedding/trial appointments.

What can you do?
  • Visit an esthetician, or see a dermatologist to diagnose any severe problems and learn how to make changes that might help.

  • Changing your pillow cases often helps avoid bacterial acne.

  • Wear SPF to avoid dark spots or find cosmetics that already have SPF in them to create a layer of protection for your skin and avoid unnecessary damage.

  • Wash your face. No really we do have to say it. Even if you don't have a favorite product or skin care routine that is fine. Washing your face after exercise, before bed, and when you wake up with a gentle clean wash cloth is much better than nothing.

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Get a super hydrating moisturizer and use it AM & PM, ALL over the face including eyelids and under eyes!

More than pimples...

We know that "perfect skin" seems impossible some times. We get it, we're all human and so many factors influence the health of our skin. However, as makeup artists we are trained to cover pimples, dark spots, or shine. So do NOT fret if wedding stress brings about a few more bumps than usual. If the overall health of your skin (hydration!) is on point, we can make magic happen. ❤️

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