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Top Tips to Prepare Your Hair for Wedding Day

Just like any other part of wedding planning, your hair requires some pre-wedding prep too! No matter the style you're choosing, take some time to prepare your hair so it can perform it's best on wedding day.

Frequent Trims & Treatments

Start planning your desired wedding hair color & cut about 6-8 months before. Speak with your stylist about your desired end goal & the best way to get there. Maintain frequent trims to avoid split ends (which make styling more difficult), and ask about a routine hair mask for extra hydration and frizz control.

Final Appointment

Schedule your final appointment with your stylist about 1-3 weeks out from wedding day. Focus on those final highlights/lowlights, trimming dead ends, and tone. Show your stylist your trial photos so she might see certain areas of the hair that need some extra attention (i.e. color gaps, too dark underside of hair, etc)

Tip: Never do anything drastic at this meeting, it is simply the final polish to the already perfected hair.

Face Framing

Be sure to pay attention to your face framing at your final appointment. Have your stylist pull your hair into a pony tail to see how the front section falls. We recommend aiming your shortest layer around your chin or below.

Wash & Dry Extensions

If using clip in extensions on wedding day, be sure you have freshly shampooed them thoroughly without conditioner. Lay them flat to dry 100% before putting them back into a box or bag.

Wedding Day

Your stylist should have discussed how to arrive on wedding day at the trial (blow out, wet hair, air dry, etc). If you aren't sure, plan to wash your hair the night before or the morning of and blow dry/and or air dry to 100%. Never sleep on wet hair or you risk putting kinks and frizz in your hair. Part your hair before you dry it to be sure you have it exactly as desired!

xx, Hello Lovely

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