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Choosing Wedding Hairstyles

There are so many options to choose from on Pinterest & Instagram how do you know which is right for you?


1) Weather - You won't ever be able to know exactly what the day will look like. But you can look back at the history of that date and get a general idea of the temperature, humidity, and wind levels. In general if you are choosing a summer wedding, you might be better suited for an updo. It will keep the hair off your neck and prevent you from getting overheated, or getting sick of it and throwing it in a pony tail (personal experience).

2) Timing - How long is in between your appointment for hair and makeup vs when you are going to be taking photos? Makeup has better holding power so we aren't generally as concerned for that. Hairstyles though, can vary greatly in their ability to last. Ask your stylist how long they schedule for your hair service and try to do that closer to your photos if possible. If it's not possible, ask your stylist if they can stay for touchups or return later in the day to see if you want to change styles or fluff the style from the morning.

3) Where you are getting ready? - Do you have to travel from the salon to your venue? Or are you getting ready where you will be getting married? When traveling between appointments in the summer always think about the wind and the heat. If your hair doesn't hold curls well on other days, it will not hold well on a super hot day even with all our tricks and tools if you have to run around town before you walk down the aisle.

4) Do you want something different than your bridal party? - This information comes in handy when you do a trial or start thinking about how you want photos to turn out in the end. If you are wanting to stand out, make sure you think about the possibility of having opposite styles or some sort of common theme. Or are you more of a cohesive look type girl? If you are wanting a cohesive photo, think about everyones hair type and texture, they are likely different than yours. Saying something along the lines of "down and curly" or "pulled back on one side" will give the stylist enough free rein to give you a similar look while keeping your ladies feeling comfortable.

5) Dress style - Do you have a beautiful detailed back to your gown or shoulders that need to be shown off? Think about the style of the wedding...boho, regal, relaxed. All of these are going to change the style that you should choose for wedding day!

Most of the time your stylist will ask these questions and make sure that you are really involved in the process of choosing the right hairstyle for you and your wedding day. And as usual, pictures are always a great tool of communication and clarification. Just make sure you choose pictures that have the same look and texture of your hair.

With Love,


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