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Do You Really Need a Bridal Trial?

We don't require trials for our brides, however we strongly recommend them when asked! Follow along to learn why a bridal trial would be worth your time and money.

Get To Know Your Artist

Our team is here not only to provide exceptional hair and makeup services, but also be a trusted and welcoming vendor on your big day. By spending an hour or two together before your wedding day, you are building a solid foundation with your artist- we truly get so excited to learn all about your wedding and can't wait to see you all done up! When you have spent some time together and have built trust and rapport, you're way more likely to feel comfortable offering feedback to your artist on any potential changes or tweaks to your look!

🥰Be honest with your artist. Speak up if something is bothering you- an artist can't fix what they don't know is broken!

Peace of Mind

It's totally normal to be nervous before getting your hair or makeup done professionally. Some of us have been traumatized by bad prom hair dos, or you've heard horror stories from other brides. By scheduling a trial, you're providing yourself with reassurance that you have chosen the right style (updo vs down, hair accessory or not, natural or full lashes, etc.) and that you have a knowledgeable artist. From there, it's totally normal to have small changes from your original vision, but you will be able to sleep soundly knowing you've had a preview of your wedding day look.

📸 After your trial, take lots of photos of your hair/makeup in different lighting. This will help you know how the camera is photographing your look- from there you can really pick the small details you want to change. (i.e. more blush, bigger volume, longer lash)

Adjust Your Expectations

99.999% of the pictures you find on Pinterest for your inspiration involve some type of photoshop, filter, or extensions and HOURS of time. The internet is a great place to find inspiration, but it's just that! Know that your hair type, length, texture, face shape, skin type, etc. will absolutely affect how your ideal look will actually wear. It's important to manage your own expectations and be honest with yourself and your artist.

👩🏻‍🦰👩‍👩🏻 We recommend finding hair inspiration photos with your similar hair color, and makeup inspiration photos with your similar eye shape. Check out our Pinterest page if you're needing some help!

Gather the Bigger Picture

We know that weddings are a marathon, not a sprint. You likely bought your dress 6+ months ago and are probably struggling to see the full picture. Trials provide an opportunity to try on your veil, put on those sparkly earrings you custom ordered, and place the hair pin your mom gifted you at your shower. This is the time to play and really see your dress, your vision, your day come full circle!

👰🏼‍♀️ Wear a white shirt to your trial with a similar neckline to your dress. This provides a good idea of how your hair will fall on your neck day of.

It Should Be FUN

Just like that appointment to choose your wedding day shoes, veil or accessories, your hair and makeup trial should have you feeling EXCITED! It should make you feel like all the details are coming together and you are finally almost a BRIDE! Trials should take you on the home stretch of the wedding countdown- and we truly are so excited to give you the hair and makeup goals you've been dreaming about.

💃🏼 Schedule your trial on your final dress fitting day. This gives you the chance to see how your hair will look with your dress neckline or how the veil will sit with your updo. Maybe that bright red lip is overshadowing the overall look, or you want to cover a tattoo. The full picture will become more clear.


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