Do You Really Need a Bridal Trial?

We don't require trials for our brides, however we strongly recommend them when asked! Follow along to learn why a bridal trial would be worth your time and money.

Get To Know Your Artist

Our team is here not only to provide exceptional hair and makeup services, but also be a trusted and welcoming vendor on your big day. By spending an hour or two together before your wedding day, you are building a solid foundation with your artist- we truly get so excited to learn all about your wedding and can't wait to see you all done up! When you have spent some time together and have built trust and rapport, you're way more likely to feel comfortable offering feedback to your artist on any potential changes or tweaks to your look!

🥰Be honest with your artist. Speak up if something is bothering you- an artist can't fix what they don't know is broken!

Peace of Mind

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