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Heat and Humidity Ruining Your Bridal Hair Style?

We know the pressure of choosing the Pinterest-perfect bridal hairstyle for your big day. All of your hopes and dreams are tied into an all down, voluminous and curled vision. However, the weather is forecasted at 90 degrees and 60% humidity. What do you do?


Will heat and humidity REALLY impact my hair THAT much?

Yes, it's science! Basically, humidity is water vapor in the air hanging around and making things feel sticky. So just like a steam shower or sauna would cause your curls to loosen and go wild, so will the humidity in the air. Heat is similar but will take longer to loosen the curls. If your hair is naturally straight from the start, and the heat outside is 100*, your hair will naturally fall

back and relax to its most comfortable form when given the opportunity.

Impact of our techniques and products

Our team is trained in techniques and uses specialized products to produce beautiful and long-lasting hair styles. However, 90+ degree heat and Midwest humidity create a tough environment for some hairstyles to survive. Similar to how the best man's button down shirt won't survive the bottom of his suitcase without a few wrinkles- your curl just won't stand up against those tough temps for the entire day without touch-ups.

Our professional opinion

We will always assess your hair type, discuss your dream vision, and account for the temperature and environment day-of. Based on these multiple factors, we will work with you to offer professional suggestions about what style will suit your hair type best, as well as what will make a successful style that lasts you all day long.

What if I'm REALLY set on a down style?

Your wish is our command! However, you might want to consider some options to make this successful, like hiring your stylist for on-call hours so she can provide touch-ups throughout the day. You might also want to opt for all your photos to be inside, in a well air-conditioned space. The less exposure to the elements, the better. If you're still absolutely set on a down hairstyle and the outdoor photos, we encourage you to be realistic in your expectations- when you walk into your wedding reception at 5pm, your hair will NOT look like it did at 10am!

Don't like classic up-do's? Let's chat!

Hair artists are trained in dozens of styles, lots that don't include classic up-dos! Boho fishtails, 90's french twists, space buns, braid crown, party pony- we've done it all! Don't let a boring bun scare you away. There's so many beautiful bridal styles. Check out our Pinterest for some inspiration!

With love,

Hello Lovely

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