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Let's Talk Lashes

One of the best parts of the makeup process on a wedding day is the time spent relaxing while getting pampered by a team of beauty professionals. You've discussed in depth your makeup vision, your preferences, and now you have to decide- to lash or not to lash?


What are false lashes?

False lashes are synthetic hairs that range from thin and barely-there to extra long and voluminous! They are made up of tiny hairs set on a small strip and are glued onto the natural lash line. Our team uses strip lashes of all styles, cut to fit the client's exact eye shape and length.

What are the benefits?

False lashes provide volume, length, and depth to an eye look. They help open up the eyes and really compliment any eye shape. Our team carries any array of styles that will suit the smallest eyes wanting the most natural look, all the way to the big and bold full glam looks!

What do they feel like?

Lashes are glued on using a specific type of eye lash glue. Every artist has their preference of glue, but will ask for any allergies prior to applying, as some glues contain latex. The lashes will feel heavy and sticky at first, but should never pinch or poke the eye. Most clients get used to the new feeling after about 15 minutes.

How long do they last?

When applied properly, lashes should last you all day! Despite your happy tears, heat, or hugs, lashes are meant to stay in place and be forgotten. At the end of the night, you can apply micellar water or lotion to the lash line to loosen the glue. Then pull from outer corner to the inner corner to remove the lash band.

What If I don't get them?

We will never pressure anyone into a style they don't feel comfortable with! If you want to load up on the mascara instead, we fully support you! But when asked our professional opinion, we will always recommend the false lashes due to the way it elevates any makeup look. When in doubt, talk it out with your artist!

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