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You Hated Your Makeup Trial - What Now?

Don't panic.


Breath again.

Ok, so you had your trial. It was not what you were expecting. What is the next step?

There are few ways this can play out. Hopefully this reads something like those books where you can choose the ending! Or, it will read like the ramblings of a moderately incoherent beauty company owner writing in her pajamas at 1am...... you choose.

Scenario A - You are still in the artists chair and haven't left yet.

1 - Speak up, you really like the artist. There are a few minor tweaks that could really elevate the look into something you love. You are not going to offend your artist because you guys have been getting along really well so far. Speak up (my personal fave)

2 - The artist and you are simply not on the same page. It's not just a few tweaks. The foundation is off, you feel like MeMe from that one 90s show. It is not going well. You politely finish the appointment and leave.

Scenario B - You finished the appointment and lived in the look for a bit. But you're still not loving it.

1 - Take pictures. There are a few things that you would change but they are minor and can be adjusted on wedding day. You are confident in your artist and not worried about small things. Pictures REALLY help. Use an app to write on the photo the spots you want to change or take notes. Send these to your artist and confirm that you can change on wedding day.

2 - You're not confident these changes can be made on wedding day and honestly you would feel much better if you had another trial. SCHEDULE ANOTHER TRIAL. You really liked the artist but you would just feel better having another run at the whole thing.

Scenario C - You loved it but then your mom said something.

1 - You love mom and you're super close. You value her opinion and want to look your best. Take detailed pictures and notes. Make sure that your voice is heard and she isn't just nervous but take her advise to heart and reach out to your artist. Maybe scheduled another trial and bring mom.

2 - Mom still wears her blush from the 80s and her only eyeliner color is blue. Mom is not the one you want to be taking makeup advise from. Maybe get a second opinion from a friend. OR trust your artist, trust your gut. You loved it while you were there and felt great. Rock it and don't look back!

Basically, it comes down to communication and whether you liked your stylist or not. If you really liked the communication, artist, and everything else about the trial. Give it another shot. Talk to your artist and allow them to help guide you. Most of the time artists want to keep your business so you might be able to get a second trail at a discount.

If you really didn't like the experience at all, then move on. Don't look back. You will know when you have a total flop. If they don't feel professional then don't pay the price on wedding day for something you aren't going to be satisfied with.

xoxo AB

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