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Booking & Trials & Contracts, Oh My!

You're newly engaged but don't know where to start when choosing your hair and makeup team. Let's answer all the burning questions and ease your overwhelm!



You've found a hair and makeup artist or company you love. You connect with their work, you feel their looks are serving, and you want them to be on your wedding team. What next?

Reach out to them. Find their contact form on their website, email or Instagram. Provide as many details as you can about your day of timeline, your bridal vision, and how many other services you will need (bridesmaids, moms, flower girls, etc.) You can inquire about services with us here!

Inquire about their pricing. Figure out a budget that works for you. Remember that quality hair and makeup teams will charge more due to their experience, reputation, and accountability. It's considered rude to bargain prices with a small business.

Ask about travel fees, peak season pricing, service minimums, or any other costs that might be associated with services.

Schedule a phone call. We truly love our brides. We want you to feel like you're sitting down in an old friend's chair when getting glammed. We are happy to chat with you about any concerns, visions, or questions you might have about our services.

Read through the entire contract. When any vendor sends a contract, be sure to read it through entirely. There might be information about cancellation or rescheduling (think covid, venue changes, etc.), how/if you're able to add services, or final payment dates.

Don't ghost your vendors. There will be vendors you chat with that won't be within budget, won't align with your vision, or that you simply aren't interested in booking. We always encourage you to shoot a quick email to let us know you have gone a different direction.

We are glad you find someone that worked for you, truly! Just let us know so we don't keep spamming you. THAT'S awkward.

Put your deposit down on your date. Good hair and makeup teams book quickly and often only can take a small number of weddings per weekend. If you found an artist you truly love that checks all your boxes, we highly recommend booking them to secure your date.

Putting your deposit down means you are securing your preferred date and time frame. We suggest a trial 1-3 months prior to the wedding day.


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